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The Team

Several consultants with relevant workplace diversity, team building, conflict resolution and communication, and other pertinent experience implement and monitor projects. While each consultant is highly skilled to facilitate individually, some training is team-taught with two or more trainers per session.

Erness Wright-Irvin, MHA

Partner, Facilitative Leadership Institute NOLA

/ CEO, EWI Health Care Consulting, LLC

Design of Participatory
●   Collaborative

  Public Meeting Facilitation

width=646 height=2 src="2014%2520%2520Bio-Sketch%5b1%5d_files/image003.png">  Leadership
Team Facilitation 
●  Strategic
Planning & Execution 
●  Consensus

Wright-Irvin, MHA
brings a unique combination of ten (10)
years of professional practice in facilitative processes and 27 years in health
care management to her consulting practice.

·      Excels in use of participatory Technology of
Participation (ToP®) processes
to catalyze creative
thinking, and reach consensus-based decisions for teams, collaboratives and
community engagement initiatives. Well versed in a variety of appropriate
professional facilitative methods to meet client goals.

·      Trainer in Group Facilitation Methods, 2003 – Present: Louisiana registrar for Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) courses in the Delta. Collaborates
with ToP® co-trainer in conducting public and in-house workshops in
group facilitation methods; meeting design; conflict resolution, and
systems-based strategic planning.

·      Fosters
Cohesion of Collaboratives, Community Engagement Projects & Work Teams, 2000-Present
development of trust relationships among parties to engage members in
collective problem solving, strategic vision, action pathways, and implementation
tracking towards group goals in long term initiatives

·      Facilitator in Public Sector:  New Orleans
Post-Katrina (5 clients);  Washington, DC – (1 client);

GA (1 client); Cedar Rapids, IA (1 client); Baton Rouge, LA (3 clients); Austin,
TX (3 clients). 

five month engagement with urban planners and community residents to address
land use visioning and rebuilding issues in the flood damaged New Orleans
Lower 9th Ward;

Design & facilitation of a two-day public session for the New Orleans
Industrial Development Board on           tax incremental financing approvals
to speed recovery;

(c)  Facilitated
contentious public meeting for site selection for VA and LSU hospitals causing displacement of
125 historic homes in the mid-City corridor;

Design and facilitation of a two (2) hour listening session replicated in 3
public venues around           proposed       structure of a N.O.
private-public economic development partnership (now, NOLA Business Alliance).

Facilitated two (2) public meetings for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on flood
wall construction &       mitigation options for anticipated damage to 4,000
acres of wetlands in nine parishes southeast LA.

·      Facilitator in Health Sector:  Strategic Retreats &
Action Planning Initiatives:  2003 – 2012

     Jefferson Community Health
Care Center Board Retreat; HIV Youth Collaborative – Connect to Protect (Tulane
Medical School) Action Plan; Red Cross of Central TX Disaster Performance
Review; Excelth Primary Care Network Board Retreat; Healthy New Orleans –
Carrollton United Neighborhood Collective; Field Organizer-Cover the Uninsured
Week NOLA (Robert W. Johnson Foundation); Healing Healthcare – HIV Primary Care
Practice; LA Primary Care Association Annual Conference Program Planning

·      Facilitator in Environmental Sector:  2010
– Present

of 10 year Mid-West Academy campaign charts for Gulf Restoration Network at its Weeks Bay, AL Healthy Gulf 2010 Conference; Public session addressing
changes in federal policies around decommissioning process for Gulf Oil Rigs with
100 multi-sector attendees & six (6) federal agencies panel.


Care Experience:
Before establishing her consulting practice
in 2002, Ms. Wright-Irvin served in senior executive roles in academic hospitals,
primary care and rehabilitation centers associated with LSU Health Sciences
Center, Charity Hospital (LA); MetroHealth Systems and Cleveland Clinic(Cleveland,
OH) She has served 2 years as a HRSA grant reviewer for federally qualified
health care centers (FQHC) for underserved populations.

& Presentations:
Erness has a Master’s in Hospital
Administration from Tulane University and a BA in Sociology and Communications
from University of New Orleans. She has presented conference workshops on “Using
Guided Dialogue for Effective Group Meetings”;
Case Study: Design of a
Large Scale Public Meeting in K-12 Education”; “Optimizing your Personal Mind
Style to Improve Your Leadership Effectiveness
”; “Managing Conflict in
Land Use Issues post-Katrina
”; “Post-Disaster Crisis Intervention
Training in Rebuilding Community Resiliency
”; “Cultural Competency via Lens
of Spiral Dynamics Integral”

Michael Kane is an international facilitator and training consultant who also serves as an adjunct professor for University College at Tulane University. In addition to his twenty-three years teaching management courses at Tulane, he has extensive experience as a facilitator and trainer of managers and staff in both the private and public sectors. This includes fifteen years experience as a Spanish-speaking facilitator/trainer and consultant in training and development projects for numerous private multinational corporations and government ministries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Middle East.

He was an American Management Association course facilitator and contract trainer in fourteen Latin American countries. His specialties included judicial administration, educational and fiscal administration projects. He is experienced in the design and facilitation of seminars and workshops in negotiations and management training, corporate retreats, strategic planning, SWOT analysis, diversity strategy, communications, leadership, group process, decision-making, employee performance appraisal, customer service and time management, as well as meeting facilitation, outdoor teambuilding, and consultations in general human resource administration. Dr. Kane is bilingual in Spanish/English, fluent in Portuguese and less fluent in French. He is a co-founder of Loyola University’s Twomey Training Center and a faculty member of Tulane’s Professional Development Institute. He received his doctorate in educational change leadership in 1980 from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.

Leo E. Solomon, BSBA is a talented consultant whose emphasis is on groups demanding sensitivity and structure. For twenty years he dedicated his life to building clients’ productivity in the area of substance abuse prevention, education and treatment. He also motivates young people and directs the future serving as a mentor trainer for New Orleans youth groups. His seminars cover strategic planning, curriculum development, dialogue communications, group processes, conflict resolution, and managing diversity.
Mr. Solomon contracted with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse to supervise block grants for strategies in demand reduction. As a mentor trainer for the non-profit agency Each One Save One, he trains prospective adult mentors working with at risk youth to identify the latent tendency for drug abuse and to intervene to prevent it. He is a motivational leader working with Louisiana Community-Oriented Policing. He has also been involved with the Central City Multi-media Center, the New Orleans Veterans Administration Hospital and the Adult Probation Office of the Louisiana Department of Correction. He is committed to empowering his clients to identify their inner strengths and to collaborate within their communities to get things done.

Kevin McNulty, BS, is a human relations and conflict resolution specialist with 15 years of broad experience as a consultant, facilitator, and speaker. He has coached employees and managers and all levels, consulted in many industries, and trained literally thousands of people. He has extensive training, specialization, and skill as coach and advisor to managers and supervisors on employee relations issues. As a human relations specialist, Kevin believes the experience he draws on the most is from his travels to 49 States and 22 countries, his service in the U.S. Air Force and at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Kevin brings extensive facilitating tools from his work with the Department of the Defense and the Franklin-Covey Leadership Center. He successfully managed a human relation’s agency responsible for programs relating to Air Force human relations, employee relations, organizational development, EEO program and policy compliance, diversity management, human resources training & development, and conflict resolution for an organization with 14,000 employees.

McNulty developed and managed programs and services that assisted employees with work related and personal grievances, discrimination and sexual harassment, and conflicts—reduced employee complaints by 50%.

Kevin specializes in organizational and human resources development. He provides consulting and training in the area of EEO, human relations, supervision & management, customer service, teambuilding and conflict management. He designs and presents courses and seminars including, Street Smarts for Managers and Supervisors?, teambuilding, conflict resolution, managing diversity, and sexual harassment/discrimination prevention. Kevin’s services include, climate assessments, EEO fact-finding, group facilitation, and counseling. He is the author of the Humadyn Discrimination Impact [instructional] Model.

Clients include U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service, Dept. of Energy, U.S. Census Bureau, Process Nexus, Inc., U.S. Postal Service, U.S. Air Force, and The Freedom Forum.

DrALsIDwas a political refugee from the Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines and has been in the US since his exile over forty years ago. He is the director of Loyola University’s Twomey Center for Peace through Justice, the editor of the Blueprint for Social Justice, the founder of Pre-college Incubation Experiences for Math and the Natural Sciences (PRIEMMANS), and a co-founder of the Intercultural Charter School. He is a conflict resolution and diversity trainer and has done social change work both in the Philippines and in the United States. He teaches as an adjunct faculty member in the Languages and Cultures and the Religious Studies Departments at Loyola University, in the graduate School of  Social Work at Tulane University, and in the Summer Principal Academy at Columbia University’s Teachers College.

Ted Quant, BA – Senior Facilitator – is a trainer, social activist, and administrator specializing in conflict resolution, diversity training, teambuilding, youth leadership development and communication in schools, corporations and community groups. He currently serves as the director of Loyola University’s Twomey Center for Peace through Justice, which is the social justice department of Loyola University New Orleans.

Mr. Quant conducts the nationally recognized Resolving Conflict Creatively Program in public schools and serves on the board and provides training to the 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement based in Selma, AL. He led a multi-university collaborative that developed the conflict resolution curriculum for the New Orleans Police Academy and trained the trainers to implement it. He co-authored with Michael Kane a training manual for promoting diversity as part of a five-year diversity process with Du Pont Corporation – Pontchartrain Works.

Quant has worked with AT&T Small Business Systems, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Southern Voter Education Project, the Texas Farm Workers March to Washington, and Chevron Oil. He was trained by and trained for the Peace Development Foundation of Boston, MA and Educators for Social Responsibility of Cambridge, MA. He has been a laborer, longshoreman, and union shop steward. He served in the U.S. Army.

Let Ted guide your group through a highly effective training program.

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